Who we are?




"...When I was 12, we made a decision: we built “Polo Match” in the town of Open Door. We bought our horses, we built our stables, our field and we formed our professional team to go to Palermo, the national stadium. Since than, that family dream, allowed us to travel through more than twenty countries and fifty cities around the world to play polo.

Today, at my forties, I believe that the thirty-year success of Polo Match is based on the fact of growing up in a polo family. We designed an exclusive place near Buenos Aires where horses are bred and trained, where you can learn and play polo. International events are organised, high competition is trained and friends are received to share the game. Sharing family tradition showed us that polo is based on transmitting personal experience to new players. That they can learn the values of solidarity, competence and respect..." (Santi Schweitzer)

The people who make up this place are Fernando Schweitzer (father), Fernando Schweitzer (h) -former handicap 4- and Santiago Schweitzer- former handicap 6. They both play polo since they were 7 and 8 years old, a sport they love and follow with passion. 

¿What we do?

We have a private place where we do training with horses and people. We make sport events and meetings around horses. When we want to transform horses and people we work here in a perfect relax and comfortable atmosphere.

We do all around horses.

Our aim is to create more knowledge and confidence on the people to help the horses to enjoy the sport. 

We Guarantee our quality

We have 10 years doing the same work, that´s why we give results.

We are Polo instructor of the most prestige Polo Association in the world and we been training with the best riders in the world.

Also we have the experience of more than 40 years dealing with horses that we want to share with you.


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